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About Us

Our Practice Is Family-Friendly

Since 2012, family wellness and patient-centered attention have been the focus of Dr. Kylie Hochstein. Hasselbring Chiropractic has been dedicated to working with Omaha community members since 2013. She has a particular passion for delivering outstanding chiropractic care to moms-to-be, newborns, babies and children of every age. Dr. Kylie also concentrates on what she refers to as preconception care. She believes that a healthy mom (and partner) with good health habits will bring children into the world that are resilient to our everyday stressors.

Children Are Our Future

Although we care for all ages, our practice specializes in the care of children and pregnant moms. Our mission is to help the next generation be the best and healthiest version of themselves. The goal in our clinic is to help our practice members develop good daily habits, such as

  • Adequate nutrition, including proper supplementation
  • Chemical balance in the body
  • Good dietary habits
  • Stress control

Empowering Families

Our vision is to not only empower couples but entire families. We make it our business to work with local obstetricians, midwives and pediatricians. Our office receives many referrals from other professionals. We provide information on valuable resources to help our practice members, such as doulas, birthing classes and nutritional advice.

Our model of care is to support health and well-being. We want to ensure the best possible start to life for every child born in our community.


Come in and See Us Today

Our welcoming chiropractic office has something for everyone. We offer support for pregnant moms and those that are wishing to become pregnant. Babies and children receive efficient and gentle care to help them grow and flourish. And the parents and grandparents of these children are also warmly welcomed. We offer late hours for your convenience. Contact us today for a convenient booking!

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